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Welcome to USA Checks Cashed & Payday Advance. In today’s world, even with the advent of plastic money, cash is still king. In this context, speedy access to liquid funds is becoming increasingly important for both business and private purposes. Check cashing is one of our most beneficial services. We provide our customers with a reliable alternative to banks and other financial institutions. By cashing checks, even if the customer does not have an existing bank account, USA Checks Cashed offers a convenient solution to people who need quick access to their personal finances.

Payday Loans / Fast Cash Advances in San Diego

Your initial payday loan* with USA Check Cashed is free, zip, zero, notta. That’s right, no interest*. USA Checks Cashed provides customers with payday loans to help with immediate financial needs. To apply there are absolutely no credit checks, you need a job or any form of continual income, a bank account, a valid state issued ID and a bill with your and address. You can be approved in minutes. Our specially trained staff will see to it you get your cash and be on your way, stress free. Visit our friendly stores in San Diego for a cash advance / payday loan, we are here to help!

MoneyGram – Money Orders – Title Loans

Additionally, we offer a range of other financial services that are guaranteed to help you manage your finances even more effectively and efficiently. These services include EBT and EDD cash disbursement and debit card cash withdrawal. Your car can get you the cash you need with an auto title loan. If you are looking for a larger loan amount, bring your vehicle with the title and let’s see what we can do for you with our auto title loan product! If you have a bill that needs to be paid today, use our bill pay service; most payments post that day. Plus, we provide such services as DMV registration, wiring money, and selling money orders. We have onsite ATM. You can purchase prepaid debit cards. If you have gift cards that are unwanted and unused, we’ll buy them from you with cash. Do you need a document notarized, copied, scanned, faxed, or mailed? We can do that too. Let us take care of your financial service needs. Come to USA Checks Cashed & Payday Advance today!

One of several San Diego Locations

At USA Checks Cashed our customers are our number one priority. All of our facilities and services are designed to help our customers deal with their finances as efficiently as possible. We hope to serve our customers by saving their valuable time and energy through all our services under one roof. We value each of our customers, and we seek to create strong and enduring future relationships with all of them. Ultimately, our goal is to make our customers’ overall experience as pleasing and hassle-free as possible by allowing them to conduct their business in a friendly and efficient environment. Our store is located in downtown San Diego near the southwest corner of Fifth Avenue and Broadway. It is conveniently located near public transportation and can be reached using many local San Diego buses.

Here is a list of all our stores in the city of San Diego, CA.
449 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101
4913 Convoy St., San Diego, CA 92111
4298 University, San Diego, CA 92105
5071 Federal Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92102
3001 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92104
10825 Westview Parkway, San Diego, CA 92126
5404 El Cajon, San Diego, CA 92115