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USA Checks Cashed offers a number of additional services to meet the needs of our customers, including:
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Exchange and Sell Gift Cards
  • Cash Disbursement Services
  • Money Orders
  • Notary Services
  • Lottery
  • Postage, Envelopes, Faxing and Copying
  • Bus / Transit Pass Sales
  • ATM's

Bill Payment Services

USA Checks Cashed offers Bill Payment Service through Softgate that is fast and easy. You can pay all your utility bills, electrical bill, gas bill, phone bill, cable bill, water bill, department store bills, and almost every other bill you may have. You can also reload / top-up your prepaid wireless account. Walk in and pay all your bills in minutes. USA Checks Cashed gives you access to paying bills with thousands of utilities, merchants, service companies, and internet companies all over the country. The most common fee is $1.50 and your utility bill payment will be posted to your account in 1 to 2 business days. Just bring us your bill, including your account number and we can take care of the rest. We accept cash, or for a small extra fee, you can use your debit or credit card.

USA Checks Cashed also offers an additional option for bill payment through MoneyGram Express Bill Payment. There are more than 7,000 billing companies you can pay using MoneyGram. MoneyGram provides the ability to pay almost any type of bill within the U.S., including auto, mortgage, rent, credit card, phone, utility, cable, satellite, insurance, collections, and more. You can also top-off your prepaid wireless phone account. When you come into one of our more than 30 conveniently located USA Checks Cashed locations, you can pay a bill in minutes, with transaction fees currently starting at $1.49. Use MoneyGram to pay thousands of companies quickly using their Same-Day, Next-Day and 2-3 Day services. You can rely on the speed and security of USA Checks Cashed; MoneyGram to give you a feeling of confidence that your funds will arrive when and where you need them to.

Exchange and Sell Gift Cards

At USA Checks Cashed we trade your unused gift cards for cash. Do you have unwanted and unused gift cards around the house that you would like to turn into cash? Do you have cards with a partial balance of $10 or more that you would like to turn into cash? If you have a gift card that has a remaining balance of $10.00 or more, bring it into USA Checks Cashed and we will trade your gift card for cash. When you sell your gift cards to us at USA Checks Cashed, you can get the cash to purchase the gift you really wanted.

Bring your unwanted gift card to any one of our more than 30 local USA Checks Cashed locations and walk out with cash in your pocket. Join the millions of people who are exchanging their gift cards for cash. Come by and let us trade or swap gift cards with you today. We are here to give you money for all your unused gift cards. It is that simple. Please bring a photo I.D. For more information, contact any one of our USA Checks Cashed Locations.

Cash Disbursement Service Withdraw Cash

Withdraw cash from your EBT Card, EDD Card, Debit Cards and Tax Refund Card at all of our more than 30 local USA Checks Cashed locations. You can withdraw cash from your debit card or tax refund debit card as well. You can withdraw cash up to any amount on your debit card with your PIN based transaction. You can also use your debit card or credit card to pay for services. A convenience fee applies

You can withdraw cash from your:
EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) Card
EDD (Employment Development Department) Card
Tax Refund Debit Card
Debit Card
Credit Card (PIN number required)

Money Orders

If you need a money order come to USA Checks Cashed. Within minutes, we can have a money order in your hands. There are times when someone you are dealing with will not accept a personal check, and when those situations come up that is where USA Checks Cashed can help. We can put a Money Order in your hands in minutes. A Money order from USA Checks Cashed and MoneyGram, gives you the convenience and freedom of a check, without the need for a checking account. And as the nations largest money order processor, money orders from MoneyGram at USA Checks Cashed offers you reliability.

Money Orders from USA Checks Cashed are:
A safe way to pay bills and send funds through the mail
A widely accepted form of payment
Secure and traceable, providing you a receipt for every transaction
Easy to purchase at more than 30 local and convenient USA Checks Cashed Stores.

Notary Public Services

USA Checks Cashed has Notary Public services on site at many of our key locations throughout the local area. Our licensed, professional notary can also make copies. The fee is $10.00 per signature.

Notary Public is available at the following locations:
936 Highland Ave., National City 619-477-5225
7109 Broadway, Lemon Grove 619-461-3808
201 Broadway, Chula Vista 619-425-4700
449 Broadway, San Diego (Downtown) 619-702-8110
1607 Garnet, San Diego (Pacific Beach) 858-273-6100
811 W. 19th, Costa Mesa 949-650-1786
1455 W. Highland Ave, San Bernardino 909-887-8107
16352 Main St., Hesperia 760-949-5799
14213 7th St., Victorville 760-951-1031
14876 Bear Valley Rd., Victorville 760-962-1266

Lottery (not available at all Stores)

USA Checks Cashed also offers all Lotto and Lottery Scratcher games at the USA Checks Cashed locations listed below. You can also redeem your winning Lotto and Lottery game cards at our locations listed below..

USA Checks Cashed Lottery Locations
449 Broadway, San Diego (Downtown) 619-702-8110
4913 Convoy, San Diego 858-292-1909
1610 Highland, National City 619-336-9500
198 E. Carson Street, Carson 310-549-3790
100 S. Euclid, Ontario 909-984-3360

Postage / Envelopes, Faxing and Copying

If you need help with mailing, postage, faxing and copying come on in to USA Checks Cashed. We can help. We sell postage stamps and envelopes, and also offer faxing and copying services at very competitive rates.

Bus Transit Pass Sales (not available at all stores)

If you need a bus pass and need it fast, then come to USA Checks Cashed. We offer virtually every type of bus pass available, and there are no long lines to wait in.

USA Checks Cashed Locations for Bus Passes
100 S. Euclid, Ontario 909-984-3360
9311 Sierra, Fontana 909-822-0298
301 W. Baseline, San Bernardino 909-381-3456
310 West Mill Street, San Bernardino 909-381-6434
1455 West Highland #102, San Bernardino 909-887-8107
25716 Baseline, San Bernardino 909-884-5088
811 W 19th St, Costa Mesa 949-650-1786


Forgot to stop and get some cash? Come in and use our lobby ATM to get cash using your debit or credit card (PIN required for credit card). With over 30 convenient locations, USA Checks Cashed is your Local 1-Stop Retail Financial Services Center, where we focus on helping you with all your financial service needs.