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MoneyGram Services – Wire Money in Southern California

USA Check Cashing Store offers MoneyGram and all of MoneyGram’s wide variety of Money Transfer and Bill Payment services at each one of our locations. MoneyGram is the most trusted money transfer and bill payment service in the industry. You can rely on the speed and security of USA Check Cashing Store & MoneyGram to give you a feeling of confidence that your funds will arrive when and where you need them to.

MoneyGram – Money Transfer Services

  • Security – your transactions are kept safe and secure, utilizing MoneyGram’s State-of-the-Art secure systems.
  • Coverage – Access to over 35,000 US locations and 300,000 locations worldwide.
  • Convenience – Come into one of our stores and let us help you with your transaction, or you can go online to MoneyGram.
  • Extensive network in Mexico – MoneyGram works with thousands of locations in Mexico, including Elecktra, Coppel, WalMart and Bancomer, so it will be easy for the receiver to pick up their cash.
  • Fast – Wire Money and have it arrive at its destination in minutes.
  • Affordable – You can Wire Money for as little as $5.00

It is easy. Click here to Transfer Money – Wire Money with MoneyGram

MoneyGram offers two easy money transfer service options on-line that enable you to send up to $899.99 from the US. For Same Day Service – use your credit, debit or prepaid debit card for your transaction. Your funds typically arrive at their destination within 10 minutes. For Economy Service – you can wire money directly from your bank account (savings or checking) and funds typically arrive in 3 business days.


MoneyGram – Bill Payment Service

USA Check Cashing Store also offers Bill Payment Service through “MoneyGram Express Bill Payment”. There are more than 7,000 billing companies you can pay using MoneyGram. MoneyGram provides the ability to pay almost any type of bill within the U.S., including auto, mortgage, credit card, insurance, collections, and more. You can also top-off your prepaid wireless phone account and add money to your prepaid debit card. When you come into one of our more than 20 conveniently located USA Payday Loan locations, you can pay a bill in minutes, with transaction fees currently starting at $1.49. Use MoneyGram to pay thousands of companies quickly using their “Same-Day”, “Next-Day” and “2-3 Day services.”

The Benefits of MoneyGram – Bill Payment Service, include:

  • There are over 7,000 billing companies you can pay with MoneyGram Express Bill Payment.
  • Bill Payment – you can use MoneyGram to pay almost an bill within the US, including auto, rent mortgage, insurance and credit cards.
  • You can top-off your prepaid wireless phone account and add money to your prepaid debit card.
  • Express Bill Payments – are typically posted to your account the same day, helping you avoid late fees.
  • Pay thousands of companies quickly using MoneyGram’s “Same-Day”, “Next-Day” and “2-3 Day” services, with transaction fees currently starting at $1.49.
  • Count on MoneyGram for speed and security.

It is easy. Click here to use MoneyGram Bill Payment Services

USA Check Cashing Store and MoneyGram have partnered together to offer you a solid and easy solution to all of your Money Transfer and Bill Payment needs. The next time you think of MoneyGram, think of USA Check Cashing Store.

MoneyGram Plus Rewards

Join the MoneyGram Plus Rewards™ Program – Earn Discounts & Other Great Benefits

The MoneyGram Plus Rewards Program™ is a customer loyalty program designed for frequent customers. Just signup for the program at your local USA Checks Cashed store and start earning rewards. Send money through MoneyGram, offered at your local USA Checks Cashed Store, and ….

New Members Get:

  • 20% off your 2nd transaction just for signing.
  • Get 40% off after every 5th transaction – valid for credit on your 6th transaction.
  • Receive up-to the minute transaction information.
  • Get personalized promotional rewards created just for you.
  • Best of all, reach MG Premier Status after making 5 transactions in one year, which includes VIP benefits and Priority Live Call Center Support with our best customer care representatives.

If you are a frequent customer of MoneyGram, this exciting program is for you. Just come in to your local USA Checks Cashed Store, register, and start saving money.