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USA Checks Cashed is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations and registered with the State of California. The following contact information is provided for your convenience.

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California Financial Service Providers Association
1029 J. Street Suite 150
Sacramento, California 95814
By Phone: 916-447-8232
By Fax: 916-447-3447
By Email:
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For Information about FISCA Best Practices For The Financial Services Industry Click Here.
For Information on FISCA's Codes of Conduct, contact FISCA directly at:
1730 M. Street, NW, Suite 200
Washington, D.C. 20036
By Email:
By Phone: 202-719-2388
By Fax: 202-419-1843
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California Financial Protection Bureau
California Department of Business Oversite
For Complaints: Use tab on the main page, right hand side
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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
An Official Website of the U.S. Government
By Phone: (855) 411-2372)